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Dr. Pinkett and his co-founders started BCT Partners over 20 years ago.  Their mission is to harness the power of diversity, insights, and innovation to transform lives, accelerate equity, and create lasting change.  As a subject matter expert in DEI, Randal serves as a speaker, author, trainer, facilitator, and strategist for organizations across the globe. In the wake of social unrest that has been plaguing our world, Randal launched a video, “Candid Conversation with a Black Businessman: 7 Myths of Racial Equity,” and a webinar series called
“CEO 2 CEO:  A Path Forward — If Not Now, Then, When Does Race Matter?.”  They are both
designed to help business leaders identify racism within their organization and
create a solid plan of action to address the issue. 

7 Myths of Racial Equity

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A Path Forward — If Not Now, Then, When Does Race Matter?



How to Lead Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

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Many of his books have also been written with the intent of helping others benefit from his journey, such as Black Faces in Whites Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness and Black Faces in High Places: 10 Strategic Actions to Reach the Top and Stay There, both co-authored with Dr. Jeffrey Robinson. He is also the co-founder of the Redefine the Game Institute, a management-level education, and career advancement program designed for business professionals and community leaders. The culturally-specific course curriculum consists of an 11-month interactive business and organizational learning regimen based on the book, Black Faces in White Places.

Some examples of Randal’s work as a DEI expert include:

  • Delivered keynote speeches to employees of color at Fortune 500 corporations on 21st century strategies for breaking the glass ceiling.

  • Provided design, facilitation and delivery of DEI trainings for thousands of managers and individual contributors within global organizations.

  • Conducted research on the science of unconscious bias leading to the design of both a classroom-based and eLearning unconscious bias curriculum for U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officers being deployed globally.

  • Served as project lead, subject matter expert, and trainer/facilitator for DEI train-the-trainer of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) criminal investigators.

  • Co-led BCT’s launch, with Red Fern Consulting, of the first virtual reality (VR) solution – “Through My Eyes” – to foster empathy and human understanding in the workplace.

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