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Dr. Randal Pinkett
August 1, 2012

Elevate your game

Dear Friends,

This month, I begin a new series on my 7 Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Fellowship, Fun, Fitness, and Finance. The 7 Fs are guiding principles which, I believe, are essential to living a life balanced in mind, body, and soul.  While each newsletter will highlight just one of my 7 Fs, you may see the same topic revisited in future issues. This month, we focus on Faith.
Faith is the power to believe—and that power is essential to life. Faith permeates everything we do. Our language: “take it on faith.” Our relationships with others: “I have faith in you.” Our work: “put faith in numbers.” Our religious beliefs: “I have faith in the power of God.” Faith empowers human existence, and without it nothing would ever change.

The Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) Think about it. Faith can dramatically shape our dreams and aspirations. The capacity for faith is itself evidence that we can transcend in heart and mind what we see, hear, and touch. Our lives are built on faith. There is the faith we place in ourselves to achieve our goals. We call that confidence. There is the faith we have in others. We call that trust. There is faith in a power greater than ourselves. Depending on your religion or belief system, you may reference that power as Allah (Islam), Bhagavan (Hinduism), or Elohim (Judaism), from among many other names. As a Christian, I acknowledge that power as God.

We proceed through life guided by faith. But there is one more part to faith. The Bible also says, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:17) So, we must turn faith into action by putting into practice what we believe. No matter what our beliefs, if we have faith, then we have a guiding principle that shapes our course of action. Whether in business, relationships, or confronting the needs of others, when we act on faith, we are willing to do things others simply won’t and that leads to new opportunities. While we may not always see the path in front of us, when we walk by faith, we don’t have to!

So, I challenge you to embrace this most empowering belief called faith on a daily basis, and you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve!

Peace and blessings,








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Dr. Randal Pinkett on the Power of Belief

Faith truly is the most empowering belief. In 2011, I gave a speech on the power of belief at George Fraser's SuccessNet in Brooklyn, NY, where I talked about my experience at a fundraiser for then-senator Obama when he was a candidate for President. The power of his faith and belief in himself that he could become the next President was so firmly rooted that it became a reality. I am a firm believer that our beliefs are so profoundly powerful because our beliefs shape our actions and our actions determine our outcomes. Enjoy!

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Randal and Actor Idris Elba at the National Black MBA Association National Convention
  Randal with students and public officials at the State of New Jersey Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference   Randal and four-time Olympian Joetta Clark Diggs at her track camp.


Breaking News…

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Dr. Randal Pinkett has established himself as an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, scholar and community servant. He is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, a multimillion-dollar management, technology and policy-consulting firm based in Newark, NJ. A sought after public speaker and advocate for numerous corporate, youth and community groups, Dr. Pinkett is the author of Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur's Guide To Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Business and No-Money Down CEO: How to Start Your Dream Business with Little or No Cash. Notably, Dr. Pinkett made history as the first African-American ever to receive a Rhodes Scholarship at Rutgers University and firmly believes in the mantra "for those to whom much is given, much is expected."

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