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October 21, 2021
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Campus CEO Contest

"Our education system produces employees-that’s why Campus CEO will create more millionaires!" -Robert Kiyosaki


Dr. Randal Pinkett’s
Campus CEO Challenge

in Partnership with the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL)

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Campus CEO Challenge Winner

What does it take to be a Campus CEO? Breanden Beneschott, a junior attending Princeton University found out on March 31st, 2010 when he became the grand prize winner of this year's Campus CEO Challenge.

Sponsored by Prudential Financial Breanden won a cash prize, the books No Money Down CEO and Campus CEO, as well as a one on one session with Dr. Randal Pinket to further develop his business smsPREP. For more information about Breanden and his business read below, or click smsPREP to view his website.

Name: Breanden Beneschott
School: Princeton University
Year in School: College-Junior
Name of Business: smsPREP, Inc.
Status: Young Entrepreneur
Industry: Education

Business Description:
What costs thousands of dollars, sucks up weeks of precious time, and is
the bane of millions of young adults every year? Answer: studying for
standardized tests. Students loathe test prep, so they often do not put
in the practice they need. smsPREP offers a new, ultra-convenient
solution: studying via text messaging (SMS)! It‚s a fun, inexpensive
supplement that transforms students‚ down time into study time. Whether
studying for the SAT or AP, the GMAT, MCAT, or GRE, students are excited
to use smsPREP for the extra practice they need to boost their score.
The first text-based test prep service on the market, smsPREP offers a
customized, convenient supplement for studying with a book, course, or
tutor. After signing up for our $19.99/month subscription, users select
the tests and subjects they want to study, then choose when they wish to
receive materials. They then receive as many practice questions,
flashcards, tips, and study materials as they want texted right to their
phone so they never forget to study. Like a personal tutor, smsPREP
provides detailed feedback on answers so that users can learn why an
answer is correct or incorrect. This spring, we are adding progress
tracking as well as questions and answer choices that adapt to a user‚s
difficulty level for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, MCAT, GMAT and GRE tests. With
its addictive, game-like mode of studying, smsPREP is the perfect
supplement to long, boring classes and dense test prep books.

September 2009

What makes you the most promising entrepreneur?

When I was 14 and co-authoring papers in Stanford's nanotechnology lab, I
discovered my calling in life: to improve others‚ education through
entrepreneurship. In high school I cofounded Computers for Success to
refurbish old computers for students in need. A few companies later I was
CTO and managing development teams on 3 continents for Admish, Inc., a
social networking site for helping students find the right college for
them. As VP of Princeton‚s Entrepreneurship Club, I advocate a lesson learned
from my own experience: entrepreneurs must be consummate students. As a
ChemE student, I relish taking a number of intense classes, just as I love
the intensity of putting on a new cap each day˜whether as designer,
developer, manager, fundraiser, chief or consultant. And I am proud to
say that my entrepreneurial success will pay for my entire education, but
I am equally fortunate that school has taught me persistence and
dedication- invaluable assets for a successful entrepreneur.


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