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October 16, 2020
Randal speaks at 2020 CODE Conference Merging Virtual Reality & DEI Strategy
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November 13, 2020
Randal delivers keynote at Insights, Data and Racial Equity

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Campus CEO Contest

"Our education system produces employees-that’s why Campus CEO will create more millionaires!" -Robert Kiyosaki


Dr. Randal Pinkett's Campus CEO Challenge

In partnership with the Institute For Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL)

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Campus CEO Challenge Semi-Finalists

R.A. Science
Binary Development
PEI Green Initiative
Ramogi Expedited Services

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McIntosh Bonthera
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: Senior
Name of Business: R.A. Science
Industry: 1171-11, Solar Heating Contractors

Business Description:
The services and products of RA Science Inc. seek to provide a means for
my clientele to conserve capital and reduce their carbon footprint through
renewable energy utilization. We differentiate ourselves from other
businesses by way of being an investment that will have a 100 percent
payback. Residential home owners and local businesses are our target
market and they will purchase our services and products because of its
intrinsic economical value. What sets RA Science apart from our
competition will be our commitment to making solar panel installation
affordable to the average consumer by way of various payment options,
rental plans or collaborations.

July 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

I have an appetite for success and business. I am a proud A-phi-A brother
who stands for personal integrity and servant leadership. I am a big
thinker, passionate about building this business, and very creative. I am
a self-starter, self motivated, and being a college student, I am quite
familiar with sleepless nights. I am also an impatient person, but that
gives me my ammo to push through my days. I believe in the power of
positive thought and I believe that if you can think it, then it is
possible. Being young, I am very energetic and a fast learner. This means
everything to me and I can‚t wait to get to the top. I bring a do or die
attitude into the equation.

Executive Summary:

RA Science, a limited liability company based in New Jersey, will provide
several services in renewable energy utilization. Currently, this equates
to solar panel installation, solar heating installation, energy usage
consultation, and other related solar products. Currently, we do not
manufacture the products we sell. Our team will consist of at least one
full-time certified solar professional, and a dedicated sales team which
actively seeks clients through door-to-door sales, cold-calling, or

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Elijah Amarh
School:New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: College-Senior
Name of Business: Jellly
Industry: World Wide Web

Business Description:
A large part of web traffic is based on links between web pages. But links can only be created by website owners, and not casual users, thus severely limiting the richness of links possible.
Jellly will solve this problem by allowing regular users to create links
between web pages, while also leveraging the user community to find the
best links. Other users will be able to find these links, which are highly
relevant to the web pages they are browsing. For example, suppose a
student doing online research has found an informative website. But this
student would like to know of other web pages relevant to his or her
research. Jellly will be able to provide a list of links to such web
pages, contributed from users around the world.

July 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

I started living independently when I was eighteen years old. Soon after,
I started managing a restaurant with a net revenue of over $1 million.
Though I was unsuccessful in increasing sales during my first year, the
next three years I increased the restaurant's sales by over 10% each year.
During these years I hired and trained both managers and floor employees,
maintaining over 70 employees during the busiest times of the year. I also
had to ensure that office and food supplies were maintained and that
customers were always served properly. This experience in management has
prepared me very well to become one of the most promising young

After four years, I left the restaurant business and committed myself to
college. While at NJIT, I was offered a position in Continuing
Professional Education (CPE), where I worked as a financial analyst.

Executive Summary:

Navigating web links is an integral part of the average web surfer's
activities, despite the availability of high-quality search engines.
However, web links in their current form have one important deficiency:
only the owners of web pages may put up links from their pages to others.
Though these links are really the lifeblood of the web, ordinary users
have no way to create such links, except in limited ways like posting
comments, if available.

Jellly will provide regular web users a platform for creating links
between any existing web pages. Collecting information from users in this
way is called crowdsourcing. These crowdsourced links can then be handed
back to other users, who may vote the links up or down. Over time, this
activity will produce, for any given web page, a ranked list of the very
best links, chosen by the users themselves. Anybody on the web will be
able to access this list for any web page they are currently on, making it
very easy to find relevant content. For users' convenience, this
functionality will be provided through toolbars, both web-based and
through browser plugins.

When users retrieve a list of the top links for a web page, Jellly can
allow advertisers to place relevant text-based ads within that list. These
ads will be the main source of revenue for Jellly. This is similar to how
Google and other search engines operate, besides the fact that Jellly is
not a search engine.

As an example of use, imagine that a user of Jellly is browsing a popular
cellphone website. If this user wants to find content related to the
cellphone website, then he or she could simply use the Jellly toolbar to
obtain a list of relevant pages, gathered and ranked by users worldwide.
Within the list of related pages, relevant ads may be placed. One could
imagine that a cellphone service provider, like Verizon, would like to
advertise in such a space.

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Mohammed Patel
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: Grad-Student
Name of Business: Dormshares
Industry: Human Resource Management/Staffing

Business Description:

Since the beginning of time, charity work has been one of the main driving
forces of civilization. Dormshares is a non-profit organization that was
founded on the principle of giving. Most of the time college students are
used to the idea of using more than needed. Our mission is to lessen the
self-centered lifestyle and instead instill a charitable community
throughout the campus. Dormshares acts as a portal allowing students to
donate to those less fortunate in impoverished areas, both domestically
and internationally. Our goal is to set up donation drive boxes and in
doing so we hope to collect a variety of different items.Dormshares number
one goal is to remain on the forefront of college donations. Although
there are charitable organizations that are beginning to reach out to
college students, we feel that Dormshares can create the perfect
relationship and also help to understand the student body better. The
reason why our bond with the students would be greater than any other
charity is because Dormshares was founded by current undergraduate college
students. This would create a better connection between Dormshares and the
students enabling the chance of making life long relations with potential
donors. Here at Dormshares we want to be committed to evolving the
lifestyle of college students, not by imposing on them, but rather by
expanding there horizon on issues such as poverty. We hope that this may
allow students to make informed decisions on how a small donation can

December 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

Financial and interpersonal strengths are those by which a solid
foundation of a business is built upon. Working at TDBank North has been
one of the most significant experiences I have obtained. Since November
2006, I have been trained as a teller working my way to a customer service
representative. Both of these positions require extensive skills in
finance and customer service.

Another achievement that would allow me to start and grow a
multimillion dollar company would be by leading and creating a student
advisory committee consisting of members from both the students and the
academic faculty. Notable successses have included bridging the
communication gaps between students and staff by creating and leading a
Student Advisory Committee, taking initiative to increase the visibility
of the School of Management by hosting and planning a Student vs. Staff
softball game intended for spring 2010, and other issues that students
might encounter during their time at school.

Executive Summary:

Dormshares, a non profit organization will focus majority of its attention
on students attending college. We strongly feel that students have a right
to be educated on topics such as global and domestic poverty and how they
can help to slow this epidemic down. Here at Dormshares, we want to spread
the passion and principle by which this organization was founded on by
giving the student body a chance at making a change. Some key points that
Dormshares plans to touch base with is as follows:

-Dormshares will work hand in hand with colleges and other institutions to
help solidify the students understanding of what Dormshares is about. We
also would inform them of the severe conditions that people live by every
day around the world and how to help those individuals.

-Dormshares will help educate college students on things such as waste &
excessiveness in a struggle against mainstream media, casting a light on a
new perspective.

-Dormshares will help students realize the abundance of items they may
have that they don‚t really use to its full potential and realize someone
else may use that item more

-Dormshares will hold information sessions both on and off campus in hope
of providing knowledge to those individuals who seek more information. We
also would like to work alongside students who want to make a difference
by providing them help in the right direction with the right resources.

-Aside from students, Dormshares would like to focus some of its attention
on working closely with other nationally recognized charities and
organizations to enhance the quality of the program.

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Benjamin Lapidus
School: Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Year in School: College-Junior
Name of Business: Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN)
Industry: Education

Business Description:

To educate students and other interested parties (interns, trainees) in
the industry of renewable energy from the engineering, financial,
operational, political, and ecological perspective through hands on
activities and site visitations; to combine this initiative with cultural
and adventuresome activities that accumulatively creates an enjoyable and
stimulating multi-week program centered in Lake Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa

This location is key because one‚s eyes traversing the 360 panoramic view
of Lake Arenal can see in operation all the big sources of Renewable
Energy in use today. To the North, there is a 165 megawatts geo-thermal
electric plants, continuing the view East over the vast expanse of Lake
Arenal and back-bone of energy production for Costa Rica with its 460

Continue the view to the South West one can often see the steam pouring
off the stakes of a large Co-Gen and an industrial cane sugar processing
plant and who sells excess electricity. However the star of the show is
here too, towering above the viewers, at 40 meters-up and almost over
head, is 2000 kilos of rotating wind turbine blades, churning out power
from the strong breeze, along with almost a hundred others, all doing so
with such consistency as to be recognized as the worlds windiest and hence
most productive wind farm sites in the world.

October 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

The Law of Attraction:
I have an uncanny knack for attracting opportunity with concentrated
preparation by utilizing the power of thought.
From pledging AKPsi, I attracted an extraordinary group of ambitious
like-minded visionaries into my life, who, with my help, went on to start
the first-ever Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society. Since that time, we have
developed a variety of business ideas, implementing few of them until we
developed honed in our start-up skills. After having had three personal
professional internships, I became motivated enough to do whatever I
possibly could to avoid the 8am-6pm 90 minute commute to/from NYC workday.
I journeyed to Costa Rica blinded with no direction, connections, nor
return ticket. I emerged four weeks later with a business plan, a
strategic partner, and a million dollar idea. Five months later, I shared
the country with my first 11 clients and am now well connected within the
country all due to the power of thought and the law of attraction.

Executive Summary:

Lake Arenal rests at the heart of renewable energy
production in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and arguably the world.
Coincidentally, it is also home to beautiful and exciting attractions that
the country‚s eco-tourism and is home base for students of this program.
From a local destination resort, students divide there course time
between the engaging classroom material and information, followed by a
visit to the pant producing that type of energy. All types of local
renewable energy will be studied and then visited before moving on the the
next type: Wind power, Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, and Biomass,
respectively. Informative, well organized work book is provided for each
area of study,in a format for easy inclusion into a binder providing a
permanent future reference and record for the student.
Classroom setting is overlooking the lake and will prepare them for site
visits to these local plants. The students will also have the opportunity
to learn about power grids and observe sustainable energy from a
micro-perspective by touring through completely sustainable home
development in the area. The remainder of time in the program will be
spent experiencing, Costa Rica and visiting major adventure attractions
that showcase this country's natural attractions and culture.

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Alexander Thompson
School: Princeton University
Year in School: College-Junior
Name of Business:
Industry: Social Networking and Video Gaming

Business Description:
Social gaming is a $5 billion dollar industry. Three fourths of Americans
enjoy playing games through their browser, console, computer, and/or
mobile phone. Yet there is a growing trend among gamers to desire social
games with better prize structures and greater sense of socialness and
ownership˜ hence the rise in popularity of virtual currency, virtual
items, and real money wagering. a social networking website and mobile application that is
designed to provide social games that maximize the ownership, social, and
prize gaming elements. We aim to give users a single profile that connects
all of their devices and games to one database, social network, currency
economy, and contest technology˜ and we support it by organizing real
world and virtual contests at the local, regional, and national levels.
Our goal is that every person and organization not only use but
also recognize it as best in class for gaming.

January 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

In third grade, I started a snack bartering business out of my desk.
'Alex's Drive Thru' was born. Here, students would line up to trade with
who my teacher named 'The Snack Baron.' I was so successful that I even
opened up another branch in another home room across the hall. Although
'Alex's Drive Thru' isn't on the fortune 500 list today, the same
entrepreneurial spirit that drove me to start that venture, has lead me to
undertake numerous ventures over the years. entrepreneurship is in my
blood. I have founded a successful snack business at Princeton, and
although I can no longer manage it since I am studying in Egypt for a
semester, I still thrive on the challenges associated with
entrepreneurship. I have worked tirelessly on my new project Muugu, and
have absolute confidence in the idea, and in our team to execute it
beautifully. We would benefit tremendously from the monetary award, but
more importantly Randal's priceless advice and tutelage as we embark on
this exiting journey.

Executive Summary: is different from the competition in
seven unique ways:
(1) centralizes social gaming data from every device and
application onto one website.
(2) We create and maintain real world social networks at our Hub
communities (gaming centers, colleges, residences, nightclubs, and
sporting events, etc.)
(3) Gamers play each other and win virtual currency (coins or tickets) or
real money˜ redeemable for virtual items, real prizes (gift cards, unique
swag and gadgets, etc.) and a check, respectively.
(4) Our single user wallet, real and virtual marketing, and diverse
revenue model is designed to maximize revenues for game developers,
incentivizing them to develop for The real and
virtual network provides a robust channel for publishers, developers, and
companies to market products and distribute games. (e.g., by promoting
their games with contests and prizes, etc.)
(5) Our contest technology, in addition to automatically optimizing
contest creation, allows the user to create tournaments, competitive
leagues, and payout structures˜ a unique feature no other site allows.
(6) We provide „Social Gaming News‰ on local, regional, and national
contests and events, customized to the user‚s actual game play.
(7) By using Facebook Connect and a layout similar to Facebook,
flattens the learning curve and increases user loyalty, satisfaction, and

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Jose Santiago Jr
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: College-Senior
Name of Business: Binary Development
Industry: Web Development and Hostingt

Business Description:
Binary Development is a web development and hosting company, specializing
in website and mobile application development. We provide various types of
websites and mobile apps to allow a company to renew or expand its
presence to the internet and the booming market of mobile devices, such as
the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android-based devices, BlackBerry devices, and
several others. Binary Development likes to involve our clients in the
design process. We explain the decisions we make about our projects and
design work in a way our clients can understand, and supply Cloud-based
web or file server hosting for their projects, with reliability and
guaranteed scalability. If you want a website that can grab attention and
boost your sales, brand recognition, and reputation, contact me at

Launch: April 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

Whether it be my academic studies, numerous NJIT Design Challenges,
regional and national BDPA HSCC programming competitions, FIRST Robotics
tournaments, or even a good old-fashioned little league baseball season, I
always give my endeavors complete attention and effort. I find the best
way to pull myself above the competition to earn my place at the top of
the ranks. Then, I find a way to give back to others, such as becoming a
coach or a part-time web development instructor. As for business, I rely
on my past 8 years of experience as a freelancer, junior and senior web
developer, project manager, and server administrator at several digital
media companies, as well as my college studies and being a consultant for
the CIO of BDPA. I combine the skills, concepts, and techniques I have
acquired to make my work as efficient as possible, keeping clients in the
loop and involved in the process to ensure they are getting their money‚s

Executive Summary:

Binary Development is a small start-up firm located in
Newark, NJ. We offer Internet and web-related services to small and
medium-sized businesses in the Tri-State Area. The services we offer
include website and mobile development and design, hosting, maintenance,
marketing, and website analysis.

Using our experience in both commercial web and mobile development and
business-to-business sales, we believe we offer a unique and superior
service to smaller business owners, in comparison to what is currently

The demand for web/mobile development and marketing services in the small
business market is soaring, especially for local businesses involved in
the community, with no sign of decreasing within the near future. Even
more surprising is the fact that very little to no web development
companies are taking advantage of these opportunities, with no major
competitors in this particular field of the industry.

We have come to believe the cause for this essentially untapped market is
the high costs associated with such projects. The highest profit margins
for web and design services today are in servicing large and medium-sized
corporations. However, we have a process that dramatically reduces what
our target audience would view as ridiculous project costs, and therefore
will allow us to offer the same high-end services as larger companies
receive, at a much lower expense to the client.

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Name: Breanden Beneschott
School: Princeton University
Name of Business: smsPREP, Inc.
Industry: Education

Business Description:What costs thousands of dollars, sucks up weeks of precious time, and is
the bane of millions of young adults every year? Answer: studying for
standardized tests. Students loathe test prep, so they often do not put
in the practice they need. smsPREP offers a new, ultra-convenient
solution: studying via text messaging (SMS)! It‚s a fun, inexpensive
supplement that transforms students‚ down time into study time. Whether
studying for the SAT or AP, the GMAT, MCAT, or GRE, students are excited
to use smsPREP for the extra practice they need to boost their score.
The first text-based test prep service on the market, smsPREP offers a
customized, convenient supplement for studying with a book, course, or
tutor. After signing up for our $19.99/month subscription, users select
the tests and subjects they want to study, then choose when they wish to
receive materials. They then receive as many practice questions,
flashcards, tips, and study materials as they want texted right to their
phone so they never forget to study. Like a personal tutor, smsPREP
provides detailed feedback on answers so that users can learn why an
answer is correct or incorrect. This spring, we are adding progress
tracking as well as questions and answer choices that adapt to a user‚s
difficulty level for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, MCAT, GMAT and GRE tests. With
its addictive, game-like mode of studying, smsPREP is the perfect
supplement to long, boring classes and dense test prep books.

Launch: September 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

When I was 14 and co-authoring papers in Stanford‚s nanotechnology lab, I
discovered my calling in life: to improve others‚ education through
entrepreneurship. In high school I cofounded Computers for Success to
refurbish old computers for students in need. A few companies later I was
CTO and managing development teams on 3 continents for Admish, Inc., a
social networking site for helping students find the right college for

As VP of Princeton‚s Entrepreneurship Club, I advocate a lesson learned
from my own experience: entrepreneurs must be consummate students. As a
ChemE student, I relish taking a number of intense classes, just as I love
the intensity of putting on a new cap each day˜whether as designer,
developer, manager, fundraiser, chief or consultant. And I am proud to
say that my entrepreneurial success will pay for my entire education, but
I am equally fortunate that school has taught me persistence and
dedication˜invaluable assets for a successful entrepreneur.
Executive Summary:

smsPREP has two distinct competitive advantages over any
competitors who might follow suit. First, using technology we have
developed, we can minimize the otherwise prohibitive costs of
sending/receiving a high volume of SMS messages. Whereas for others it
would be simply too expensive to enter the market (even at $.05/message),
for our initial growth we will have minimal overhead costs ($750/month)
with considerable scalability. Second, our adaptive content delivery
algorithm will give smsPREP a leg up on competitor products that focus
simply on enabling students to practice questions via txt. This
algorithm, for which we already have an R&D proposal from Stanford‚s
Department of Education, matches question and answer with a student‚s
difficulty level and determines when a student needs to brush up on a
subject. It will help transform smsPREP from a learning supplement into a
learning tool

Ultimately we expect each graduate of our fifteen week comprehensive program to obtain a greater understanding of the subject matters and we look forward to academic success as a result of the supplemental education program that we have established. We believe that our students will achieve an improved level of comfort and confidence in their ability to learn and our program will provide an excellent foundation upon which the students can build their educational future.

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Aaron Perez
School: Princeton University
Year in School: College-Senior
Name of Business: PEI Green Initiative
Industry: Food/Environmental Sustainability

Business Description:
China's substandard environmental circumstances seem to have forced the Chinese government to act. The central government is aware that continued
and sustainable economic development requires a development in green
industries. Simultaneously, the government's push to empower the domestic
consumer and China's growing middle class' greater purchasing parity
indicates that interest in health, sustainability, and green industry will
increase. Much of China's big metropolises, including Shanghai, Beijing,
and Shenzhen, still lack substantial health food markets in which the new
wealthy consumers can purchase "green" lifestyle goods and products. The
potential of lands in the Western provinces of China have yet to be fully
developed. Farmland is yet unspoiled. Organic products, both food and
clothing, can be locally produced in the under-developed provinces and
shipped to meet consumer demand in big cities and provide jobs and
services to local people and communities. Much as particular luxury
clothing brands are highly attractive to many Chinese consumers, the
marketing of organic products as healthy, luxurious, green, and indicative
of status. My business concept includes the purchasing of organic
products from environmentally-friendly farms in the Western provinces of
China through business partnerships with Chinese friends and creating a
market for organic produce and products in China's affluent cities to meet
consumer demand.

April 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:

I am an East Asian Studies major at Princeton University with a
specialization on the issues influencing China's modern political and
economic systems domestically and abroad. I am, however, very passionate
about the business, green energy, and the financial world. This past year
I was living and working in Shanghai and Shenzhen on a self-developed
initiative to gain business and consulting experience in China. I
developed many skills I believe will be necessary for my entrepreneurial
ambitions including client relations, risk assessments, and market
research, and research on China‚s environmental initiatives. I used the
opportunity of having a year in China to gain a well-rounded understanding
of vigorous financial markets and the business culture to achieve my goal
of being at the center of progress in the global economy.
During this time, I was also able to further improve in Mandarin, and
established potential Chinese business networks.

Executive Summary:
After pitching the idea to several close friends, many more
have moved behind the plan and have indicated interest in the proposal.
An international group of interested individuals further are willing to
assist with practicalities and logistics. In Shanghai, Chinese investors
and individuals with knowledge in the field of environmental development
have acknowledged that consumers in that city are eager to find more
organic products directly catering to their needs. Friends in a Swedish
consulting company with offices in Shanghai are eager to invest in China's
increasingly lucrative green sector. This company has assisted foreign
businesses with market entry and business strategies within China. It was
with individuals from this company with whom I was able to gain Chinese
business development experience during my time in China. Friends in the
States have also similarly shown interest in developing initiatives with
China's growing green sector. Governmental Support.Associates in China are jumping at the opportunities China's new affluentconsumers present. Coupled with the government's interests in promoting green projects and initiatives, many have taken advantage of state-owned bank loans to develop these initiatives. Speaking to Chinese friends with these interests, many indicate that the most important deterrent to
investing is not problems with funds but rather the ideas and know-how of
developing business strategies and implementing them. Friends with access
to factory resources have indicated interest in developing such a program.
Their own visions of the initiative call for rapid expansion and growth
built on expectations that increased consumer confidence and demand would
make such products instant hits.

The company's competitive advantage includes communication with sources of
funding, resources, and procurement. Market entry obstructions can be
largely overcome as the company would be a joint Chinese initiative.
Access to production know-how is similarly important for development of
production facilities and future improvements of efficiency. Knowledge of
local business customs and practices is highly valuable as it has been a
major reason behind frustrations in various business plans in the country..

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Gil Bento
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: College-Junior
Name of Business: Mave
Industry: Mobile Social Networking

Business Description:
Mave, a free cell phone application, will become an indispensable ally in our social interactions by telling us who is around us at any given moment and how we can enrich each other‚s lives. We tell Mave when we want to
find someone and Mave will identify them in real time as they cross our
path in the physical world. By matching our wants and needs to the
individuals we are looking for Mave will renew the significance of
face-to-face interaction and remove the barriers that keep connections
from being made with those who are around us every day.
Has the internet turned the world into a „global village‰? Virtually, yes.
Physically, no. The facility and speed with which we can make online
connections have made our gadgets indispensible, yet we are physical
beings that, undeniably, thrive on social contact and interaction.
Services such as Facebook,, and MySpace have eased this
disconnect to a great extent but ironically they also disengage us from
our immediate environment as well as those individuals who share our
physical location. We miss individuals everyday in our immediate
surroundings whose personality, skills, interests, and attributes are a
perfect match to our wants and needs. With Mave we will make the
connections we need and we will be freed up to engage more deeply with our
physical environment and its community.

January 2009

Executive Summary:

Our free application, Mave, will use an open-source code, running on all
platforms and smart phones, to connect potential friends based on preset
criteria. Users will have the opportunity to fill out a template profile
to tell the world who they are and who they would like to connect with as
well as add any criteria they want to use as a shared interest.
Users in the same location (in a range of 3ft-300ft) who match each
other's interests and/or needs will be alerted that they are near each
other and how far away they are. Once users have been matched they will
see each other's profiles with photos and descriptions and have the
opportunity to approach each other either directly or after an exchange of
text messages. Mave will continue to feature the same basic social
networking capabilities of other services such as games and file-sharing
that users can engage in even when they are not connected using the
real-time location-based component.

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Name: Martin Ouko
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: College-Sophomore
Name of Business: Ramogi Expedited Services
Industry: Transportation

Business Description:

Ramogi Expedited Services is a same day delivery services outfit based in
Somerset county, New Jersey.Established in 2005, our operations are
currently limited to the greater North East but our vision puts the entire
Noth Eastern Seaboard within reach of our market share potential.
Ramogi was established to provide services that traditional companies such
as UPS, Fedex and others have ignored...same day within four hour
emergency delivery services. These include, emergency medical services
such as blood transport, stem cell pick up from hospitals and drop-off at
designated stem cell banks, medical supplies from pharmacy to nursing
homes,and human tissue for transplant among others.

Other areas of specialty would be delivery of court papers, business
archives,airport pick up and drop off and time sensitive small packages,
mostly done within four (4)hours or less.

We see great opportunities as the US comes out of the worst recession
since the Great Depression. We suffer no illusion that there will be no
obstacles and competition on our way to success yet we understand that
"the surest way to fail is never to try." Ramogi is based on "lean
concept" that seeks to beat competition by working with a limited overhead
and transfer the savings to our customers while "wowing" them with our

Launch: January 2009

Qualifications for being the Most Promising Young Entrepreneur:
My life story presents the "unlikely story that is America." After
spending all of my elementary school years with a tree shade as my
classroom and rocks as my desk in the remote parts of the eastern African
country, Kenya, I was able to establish a crafts export business only with
an idea and $100.00 in capital at the age of 19. Within eight months we
had morphed into an export business that landed me in the US in may 1997.

Within my first three months, I was able to build a sizable clientel on
Broad Street New York, and make an name for myself among crafts importers.

I've also provided considerable contribution to the Biotech industry
inspite of being less equiped academically. I'm a co-author of a US patent
on Methods of Producing Osteoinductive demineralized bone matrix that
culminated in the "Magnifuse" family of products....a breakthrough in
degenerative bone disease therapy assigned to Osteotech Inc.

Executive Summary: Same Day delivery services has a lot of mid sized to large
companies that more often than not incur a lot of overhead that is
eventually transferd to clients in form of high prices. Here we stand a
great opportunity because we seek to eliminate duplication of
responsibility and stay as lean and mean as possible. This means we are
better equiped to almost outbid most competition.
Also associated with our establishment is the determination to resist the
lure of the "big synrome" that often lead businesses to view their patrons
only as numbers. We seek close relationship with our partners by getting
to know them and if possible tailor our services to their specific needs
and not one size fits all.

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